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Vest Koozie

Vest Koozie

Introducing the SWA RAMP and SWA PROVO Vest Koozie, the perfect accessory to keep your favorite beverage cool and refreshing on those scorching hot ramp days! Made with tough material and bold colors, these koozies are not only practical but also add a vibrant touch to any work shift!


Designed with a convenient Velcro fastener, the SWA RAMP and SWA PROVO Vest Koozie securely wraps around your drink, ensuring it stays cool for longer. Whether you're at a BBQ, tailgate party, or working hard out in the elements, these koozies are a must-have.


Flight Attendants:

Looking for a thoughtful way to show appreciation to your hardworking co-workers? Look no further! The SWA RAMP and SWA PROVO Vest Koozies make the perfect thank you gift. Show your co-hearts that their efforts are valued and brighten their day with these stylish and functional koozies. It's a perfect way to say thank you for all you do!


Buy a few and stick them in your bag - you never know when you might have the chance to brighten your co-hearts day!

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