SWA Crew Calendar

SWA Crew Calendar

Finally, a hanging, wall calendar to help organize your life!  We get it! Your life is messy, but we are here to help!


This 11" x 17" wall calendar gives you the information and space to start organizing your monthly activities. This is a busy calendar for busy flight attendants!


Custom designed by a Southwest Airlines flight attendant for other Southwest Airlines flight attendants, this calendar is one of a kind! You literally will not find it anywhere else on the planet.  Go try!


It includes 12-14 calendar months, each with custom art and notations to remind you of: 


  • Bidding opening, closing, and results (primary and secondary)
  • Recurrent RT bidding, deadlines, and trading
  • Trip Trade/Giveaway Trading Dates
  • Overlap Exercise Option Deadlines (Lineholder & Reserve)
  • Open Time Release and Trading
  • Out-of-Base Trading and Pickup
  • Personal Illness Note (PIN) Blackout Dates
  • Daylight Savings Reminders
  • Major Holidays 
  • Pay Day Reminders
  • Full Moon Dates (beware, unusual passenger activity)


This calendar is BIG (11" x 17"), with plenty of room to make it your own and get organized, for even the most O.C.D. FA.


The entire calendar is hand-bound here at our office and includes a built-in wire loop for convienent hanging in your work space.   It's printed in laser color, full of handrawn custom and holiday icons to make organizing your month more fun!


Customization Options

 If you choose to give us the following information, we will customize it for your very own calendar, at no additional cost: 


  • First Name (front cover and personalized wings icon) For example, Beth.
  • Employee Number (front cover) For example, e123456
  • Base (front cover) For example, DAL.


If you would prefer NOT to have that information on the calendar, we can produce a generic version minus the customization (just leave the custom area blank).


Bonus: Purchase Early and get More Months! 


*Purchase the calendar in December 2021 and get 13 months of calendar pages. (December 2021-December 2022)


Standard Calendar Length:  12 months

*Purchase the calendar in January 2022 (or any month thereafter) and get 12 months of calendar months in each order neatly bound together and ready to use!


Flight Attendants never know what day it is...but that's all about to change!