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Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard - United Airlines "Rhapsody in Blue" Stripe

Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard - United Airlines "Rhapsody in Blue" Stripe

Our United Airlines "Rhapsody in Blue" Striped Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard is a stunning accessory that adds an artistic touch of elegance to any uniform. The timeless beauty of the UA "Rhapsody in Blue" theme is reflected in the bold stripe design featuring shades of blue, black, and grey. Whether you're a new hire, a pilot, a flight attendant, an airport personnel, or an employee working at headquarters, this lanyard is a perfect gift for you.


Our Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard offers an array of impressive features:


1. Breakaway Safety Clip: Ensuring your safety is our top priority, this lanyard comes equipped with a reliable breakaway safety clip.


2. Uniform Matching Color Scheme/Pattern: With a uniform matching color scheme or pattern, this lanyard seamlessly integrates into your professional attire.


3. Fully Functional Aluminum Seatbelt Buckle: Need to detach your ID for KCM, check-in, or other purposes? Our lanyard features a fully functional aluminum seatbelt buckle that allows for easy detachment and reattachment.


4. Silver Metallic Badge/KCM Card Clip: The lanyard also includes a silver metallic badge/KCM card clip, providing a secure and professional way to display your identification.


5. Etched Logo on Buckle Front: Adding a touch of aviation-inspired elegance, the buckle front features an etched airplane logo, showcasing your passion for flight.


Upgrade your lanyard game today with our Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard and experience a perfect blend of style and functionality!


For a completely professional look, we recommend pairing this lanyard with our Airline ID/Badge/KCM Holder. Get your United Airlines Rhapsody in Blue Striped Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard today and add a perfect blend of style and functionality to your uniform!

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