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Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard (Retro Stripe)

Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard (Retro Stripe)

We have designed a custom retro seatbelt buckle lanyard for anybody who needs an update on their work lanyard, but wants a little style!


The Retro Seatbelt Buckle Lanyard features:


  • a breakaway safety clip
  • retro color scheme
  • a fully working aluminum seatbelt buckle when you need to detach your ID for KCM, check-in, etc. 
  • a black detachable key/flashlight loop
  • a silver badge/KCM card loop
  • etched Heart symbol on buckle front


We suggest you pair this with our Airline ID/Badge/KCM Holder for the complete look...


*This listing is just for the Retro Lanyard.  Flashlight and Airline/Badge/KCM Holder can be purchased separately!  

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