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Ready to Strike! - Bag Tag (RED)

Ready to Strike! - Bag Tag (RED)


Introducing our empowering "READY TO STRIKE" (now in eye-catching red) Bag Tag, specially crafted for the fierce flight attendants ready to stand up and fight for a quality and equitable contract from their airline company. This bag tag symbolizes unity and determination in the quest for safe and favorable working conditions.


Features of our "READY TO STRIKE! " Bag Tag include:


1. Bold Design: The tag boasts a bold and eye-catching design, with striking typography and imagery that represent the unwavering spirit of flight attendants in their pursuit of better contracts.


2. Flight Attendant Exclusive: This bag tag is exclusively designed for flight attendants who are part of the movement, showcasing their solidarity and commitment to achieving a fair and equitable contract.


3. High-Quality Material: Crafted from durable materials, the tag ensures longevity and resilience, enduring travel challenges while maintaining its powerful message.


4. Clear Identification: With its distinctive design, the bag tag makes it easy to identify your luggage and makes a bold statement about your determination to fight for what you deserve.


5. Conversation Starter: The "READY TO STRIKE" Bag Tag sparks conversations among like-minded flight attendants, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective action toward the goal of a quality contract.


6. Empowering Message: This bag tag is a constant reminder of your readiness to take action, symbolizing your unwavering dedication to standing up for your rights and advocating for a fair contract.


Equip your luggage with the empowering spirit of the "READY TO STRIKE" Bag Tag and showcase your commitment to fighting for a quality and equitable contract. Let it represent your collective voice and inspire fellow flight attendants towards improved working conditions. Together, we will soar to new heights of fairness and equality!

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