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"Pinocchio" Bag Tag

"Pinocchio" Bag Tag

You've said this...we all have.  Buying this bag tag might make you feel a little less guilty!  I mean, you were pretty sure they are going to make their connection.  The paperwork says their connection is good, despite: 


A massive ATC meltown, as a historic blizzard blows into the airport, the day before Thanksgiving.  Oh, it'll be fine, right?


Have you ever wanted to let passengers know how you truly feel sometimes without saying a word? 


Part of a line of new tags representing the funny personalities of our Flight Attendants!


These heavy-duty, durable tags will last. Easy to attach to the hole on any bag zipper.


Grab a pair for yourself and a handful for your flying friends!

Easy to store and gift to a friend when out flying!

Approx. Size: 5 inches long x 1 inch wide

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