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Per Diem Bag Tag

Per Diem Bag Tag

Introducing the Per Diem Bag Tag, the hilarious accessory that sheds light on the true purpose of "per diem" - drinking money! Let's be real, we all know that per diem isn't just for meals and incidentals; it's for those well-deserved drinks after a long day of work!


Made from durable materials, this bag tag not only adds a touch of humor to your luggage but also helps you easily identify your bags in a sea of look-alikes. It's the perfect conversation starter at the airport or a great way to bond with your crewmembers over the universal truth about per diem.


Whether you're a newbie FA or a Senior Mama looking to add some fun to your trips or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, the Per Diem Bag Tag is a must-have accessory. Grab one for yourself or as a hilarious gift for a fellow crewmember. After all, why not make this job a little more fun and a lot more honest?

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