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"No, It's Not Yours!" Bag Tag

"No, It's Not Yours!" Bag Tag

It's happen to most of us.  After saying your goodbyes to yet another delightful group of passengers, you stomp back to spot where you put your luggage.  Panic sweeps through's gone!  A passenger has taken off with your luggage!  


You run down the jetbridge and out into the terminal only to find some passenger cruising down the terminal with your black roll-aboard suitcase.  Didn't they see all the signs that this wasn't their bag? Did they even care?


We have a better solution - this premium LARGE rubber bag tag.  We recommend placing it on your bag so it reads outward to an absent-minded (or malicious) passenger from the overhead bin.  


It's LARGE measures (approximatley 4.5" by 4.5") and is made from durable PVC rubber.  Should take plenty of beatings as your drag your bag down a lifetime of aisles when you are boarding your flight.  It clearly states: "NO, IT'S NOT YOURS!" boldly enough to catch the attention the most brain-dead passenger! 


On the backside, it has a place for your contact information and includes a contact card.  


Anything to help prevent you from losing your bag while on duty!  Trust me, sitting in your underwear for your entire overnight isn't fun...


This makes a great gift for any new hire or any senior mama who dreads losing his/her bag again. 





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