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Hotel Room UV Keychain Light

Hotel Room UV Keychain Light

What's hiding in your hotel room? 


These small, handy UV lights will illuminate a variety of icky things:  biological fluids, scorpions, bedbug eggs, bedbug nymphs, and even blood stains on the ceiling! 


Turn off the lights on your next layover and  point this handly light on the mattress, bed linens, carpeting, furniture, ceiling, walls, bathroom, and even toilet.  You'll never sleep soundly again! *


*Novelty Item and Gift for the Morbidly Curious


Directions:  (1) Have a large glass of wine. (2) Turn off all lights in the room, the light is a purple UV lights, so the light beam doesn't project long distances, so get down and start crawling around and get about 4-6 inches from your suspect surfaces (3) Be prepared to be horrified - body fluids get all over everything including the ceiling! (4) Repeat Step 1. 


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