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"Hot Chocolate"  Bag Tag

"Hot Chocolate" Bag Tag

We know how you feel about making hot chocolate.  


Here are the steps: 


1. Dig around to find the hot chocolate packet in very back of galley.

2. Rip open package and inhale lung full of chocolate dust.

3. Taste chocolate dust in back of throat.

4. Pour powder into cup and a third of it ends up on yout galley counter.

5. Scald hand while filling up with hot water.

6. Battle the clumps.  Lose battle. 

7. Find lid. Try to fit lid. Lid defective. Try three more lids. Finally, find lid that fits. 

8. Curse entire time under your breath.


This tag pretty much sums it up!


Part of a line of new tags representing the funny personalities of our Flight Attendants - let the tag say what you are secretly thinking! 


These heavy-duty, durable tags will last. Easy to attach to the hole on any bag zipper.


Grab a pair for yourself and a handful for your flying friends!

Easy to store and gift to a friend when out flying!

Approx. Size: 5 inches long x 1 inch wide

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