IEFB iPad Sleeve MYSTERY Case

IEFB iPad Sleeve MYSTERY Case

Our warehouse is full and we need to make room for future products!  


We have discovered several boxes of slightly irregular, discontinued, or overstocked SWA IEFB cases.  We are selling them for just $10 plus shipping!


All cases are in good shape, but may have slight irregularities that caused them not to be sold.  Most common issues is slightly crooked stitching that is not obvious.


Overall, these are good cases with slight imperfections. If you need a SWA IEFB case and want a bargain, this is your opportunity!   We think you will be very happy!  Most customers will not be able to spot the imperfections! Take a chance!


These cases WILL NOT come with the stylus pen or flashlight.  They WILL come with the owner contact card!