Dumpster Fire - Crew Scheduling

Dumpster Fire - Crew Scheduling

You think Inflight has had it pretty rough this year? I can think of one department that's a hot mess at any airline in 2020 - Crew Scheduling - good grief!  If the phone rings, I'M NOT HERE! 


WARNING:  We are getting a little crafty!  Drinking wine and being on MONTHS AND MONTHS of Emergency Leave is starting to make us a little CRAZY!  We got this little vinyl letter cutting machine and are learning how to use it! BEWARE!


We are making some of these BY HAND just to have fun with them!  They are in limited quantites (like 3) - as many as out tired little hands can make!  


If you see one you like, grab it!


These are made out of a foam type light, squeezable stress ball material.  



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