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DEN CREW Keychain

DEN CREW Keychain

Introducing CROPDUSTERS, our new line of iPad/device charms made for airline crews that attach to their iPads/devices via the headphone port with a provided plug! 


Made from a durable PVC soft plastic, these charms can also easily attach to any piece of luggage via the zipper hole with the standard keychain attachment. They also work great as traditional keychains!


A great way to help identify your device  or luggage while on duty. Never get your device mixed up with another while on the galley counter! 


Give your belongings a little personality while walking down the aisle!


Stay tuned for more Cropdusters - as we plan a whole new line of device charms in 2021!


Cropdusters, turn heads with something new in the air!


Sizing: Approximatley 1.5 inches in width. 

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