Black Neoprene 6-pack Can Carrier

Black Neoprene 6-pack Can Carrier

Many FA's wanted a 6-pack carrier to take on their overnights. We designed a soft neoprene can carrier that holds SIX CANS to stay hydrated on your overnight!


This version is an luggage requirement-friendly black that blends in with your luggage! These innovative can totes will keep your aluminum cans safe and insulated wherever you bring them. It's convenient and comfortable. The design fully encloses your cans in neoprene, keeping your cans cool (if you chill them down before arrival at your layover city!) When not in use, it folds up neatly in your bag.


You simply unzip it, slide SIX CANS of your favorite beverage inside, re-zip and you're good to go! It has an ergonomically-designed handle for easy carrying in the terminal or you can even slip it on your luggage hook.


These carriers make a great gift for a flight attendant friend and even a better gift for yourself!

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