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Black Neoprene 4-pack Can Carrier

Black Neoprene 4-pack Can Carrier

A new take on a classic!  For all our customers who only need to take FOUR cans of water on their overnight - we introduce a new style of can carrier! 


No zippers, no fuss!  This simple can carrier easily carries a total of FOUR beverage cans in a insulated neoprene material.  Slide in two cans per side (one on top of each other) and firmly VELCRO it shut on the top. A comfortable hand grip for easy carrying or hooking to your luggage.  


This carrier can also carry  (and keep cool) two full-size wine bottles (no judgement, seriously!) 


This simple design folds down flatter for easier storage when not in use.   It has a mostly black design (to satisfy the uniform police) printed with a fun travel print!  


It's so cute, we bet you will use this even when not on duty.  It's great for picnics, taking chilled wine to parties, etc!  


This innovative can carrier will keep your aluminum cans safe and insulated wherever you bring them. It's convenient and comfortable. The design fully encloses your cans in neoprene, keeping your cans cool (if you chill them down before arrival at your layover city!) 


You can also swing it around and beat the sh*t out of some pervert in the parking garage following you to your car at the airport.  Bonus! 


These carriers make a great gift for a flight attendant friend and even a better gift for yourself!


For sale now!

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