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Big Blue Airplane iPad Sleeve

Big Blue Airplane iPad Sleeve

Elevate Your In-Flight Experience with the "Big Blue Airplane" iPad Case – Designed Exclusively for Busy Traveling Flight Attendants at the Love Airline!


Are you a flight attendant constantly on the move? Your iPad isn't just a device; it's your lifeline for seamless in-flight service. That's why we've created the "Big Blue Airplane" iPad Case – a game-changer designed with your unique needs in mind.


We know your new IEFB is a bizarre and bulky shape.  We are finally giving you an attractive, easy way to organize this liquor-money-collecting BEAST! 


**Key Features Tailored for Busy Flight Attendants:**


1. **Durability Meets Convenience**: Crafted from feather-weight neoprene material, this case is built to withstand the demands of your fast-paced lifestyle. It's sleek, lightweight, and offers unbeatable protection for your iPad, ensuring it stays scratch and damage-free. The material protects while avoiding adding excess weight. 


2. **Standout Style**: Make a statement with our eye-catching, colorful printing. Whether you're working the aisle or taking a well-deserved break on the jumpseat, your iPad will not go unnoticed.


3. **Always Prepared with a Mini Squeeze Flashlight**: Ever needed a quick light during a dimly lit cabin or while locating in-flight essentials? What about a surprise gate check? Our built-in mini squeeze flashlight attaches to the outside of the case, offering instant illumination for those critical moments. Every case comes with a free mini-squeeze flashlight!


4. **Effortless Organization**: We understand the importance of keeping your essentials at your fingertips. The "Big Blue Airplane" Case features redesigned interior pockets, providing a dedicated space for your passport, no-fly lists, creepy notes from passengers, and any in-flight essentials you need nearby.


5. **Safety First**: Your iPad is your work hub, and we've thought about the unexpected. A discreet pocket on the back of the case includes a contact card (blank contact card included) to ensure your power-drained device can be returned to you in case it gets misplaced during your hectic schedule.


6. **Secure Device Straps**: Trust in the new and improved secure straps to keep your iPad in place, even during the most turbulent flights. The case opens wide like a book, granting easy access while maintaining a firm grip on your device.


7. **Pen Storage Redefined**: We've relocated the pen storage to the interior, so your favorite flying pen is always within reach, ensuring you can jot down drink orders at a moments notice! 


The "Big Blue Airplane" iPad Case is more than just an accessory – it's a fellow traveler and an essential tool for your inflight duties. Experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and functionality tailored for the busiest of flight attendants.


Elevate your in-flight service with the "Big Blue Airplane" iPad Case – designed for those who soar to new heights in their careers. Stay organized, stay efficient, and make every flight your best one yet with this must-have travel companion!


Each iPad case includes a free mini flashlight and free stylus-tip clicky pen! 

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